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The Hive provides solutions to simplify your localization and translation projects and streamline your global business.
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Why choose The Hive

The Hive is more than a translation company. We aim to become a strategic partner you can count on to expand globally and compete in the international marketplace. No matter the complexity and task at hand, you can rely on the skills and know-how of our experienced team.

Global Presence

We are proud of our global network of experienced linguists, a team of culturally aware professionals that care about your message and the cultural nuances that will make all the difference in your target market.

Deep Focus on Quality

The Hive has established a solid quality control process to ensure the services we provide are aligned with our clients' highest standards. We leverage smart project allocation and well-defined processes and checks to give you the best.

On Time Deliveries

Besides quality, one of our priorities is getting things done on time. We pride ourselves on our track record of project completion and delivery in the agreed upon deadlines, so you can forget all about unexpected delays and chasing overdue projects. 

Tailored Solutions

We adapt to your requirements, no matter the complexity. Our project managers have the knowledge and experience needed to give you answers and viable approaches to even the most demanding challenges you may face.

The Process

Here’s a brief snapshot of what you can expect from us at every stage of our battle-tested process.  

Project Scope

At this stage we analyse your requirements, deadlines are set and preferences are defined. Based on the information gathered, we select the best linguists and team members to best serve you. We take into account their experience and field of expertise in order to ensure that they understand your business and know how to relay your message.

Project Starts

Our team begins working on your project. The project manager assigned will be your main contact and they act as liason between clients and linguists in case there are questions, requests or updates. After the first linguist completes their work, a second professional will review the content to detect errors and inconsistencies and will make changes accordingly while also improving the overall quality of the text.

Quality Assurance – Linguist feedback

QA checks with are carried out at the end of every task in the translation, editing and proofreading process. After project completion, we analyse our linguists’ work and comments make sure the final product meets the highest standards. If your input is required, we will get in touch.

Project completion

You will receive the project deliverables on time and as requested. The content is ready to be published and you can rest assured your message is being relayed in an accurate and culturally-appropriate manner. Afterwards, our team will remain available in case you have feedback, updates or requests.

Suited to your needs

Whatever you throw at us, we can handle it. THT’s team and network of professionals is ready to provide solutions, no matter the challenges. Our PMs, linguists, DTP artists and QA stars have the expertise needed to handle even the most demanding projects. Let’s chat today, we are ready to help you, so you can start forgetting all about the stress and the burden of those massive linguistic projects.
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What clients say

We have a large history of happy customers.
Read some feedback below
I've worked with the Hive and its team for a few years now and I would highly recommend. They have an amazingly quick turnaround time, my projects usually arrive with short notice and they always make it possible."

— Sophie L.

The Hive Translations were incredibly prompt, helpful and professional. Our marketing content was handled by specialized linguists and it showed. Our clients and overseas partners were very happy with the results.

— Shivanu J.

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